Farmville Magic Tools 1.5

  • Fullscreen support (with personalizable hotkeys)
  • Animal gather and brush support
  • Custom crops harvest feature
  • Optimization for tractor, seeder and harvester
  • Aggiunte istruzioni in italiano



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welcome back

mohon maaf untuk semua partisipan yang bertanya dan belum mandapatkan jawaban. karena suatu hal saya belum bisa memantau perkembangan blog ini tetapi akan saya usahakan untuk seceatnya bisa aktif kembali blog ini

terima kasih

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:41 pm Post subject: Most wanted Trading Forex Robot Reply with quote Report postBack to top

* Foolproof methods of hunting down high-profit trades … so you can sit out on the losers.
* Specific criteria for screening each of the currency pair, so you don’t waste time reading all the charts
* How to easily recognize a profitable trade… it’s not complicated when you have my robot
* Enter and win the trades … you’ll be amazed at how all the details seem to effortlessly fall into place
* Here’s the best part: you can do all these things in your bathrobe and completely on auto-pilot if you want without any efforts.

let me give you a sneak peek at what it is:

* A complete and thorough automated trading robot that simplifies the so-called complex steps forex trading
* You only need to use The Most Wanted Trading Robot once per day or less and no more than 20 minutes
* Extremely simple and easy to use. You can make it work and bring in non-stop cash in less than 15 minutes of set up
* It’s good for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders
* No trading experience required
* It’s very reliable and consistent without any fear or greedy.
* The beauty of the robot is that you can test it without trading any of your capital. Open a demo account and let it prove itself to you.
* It works with all trading platforms
* The system works in any country and with any broker.
* You can start with as little as $100-250 in your forex account
* You can use it for every currency pairs


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Trend Forex 2.0


Trend Forex 2.0 is the latest forex trading system released by John Chen. This V2.0 trading system is an improvement over his earlier forex trading system V1.0 Forex Trend System.

The earlier version is currently used by over 1500 forex traders. Some of them have claimed to be making 5-6 figures every month using his forex system.

John Chen’s strategies are all about catching the trend and finding trend reversal or continuation. So if you are a trend trader, you will like whatever he is providing.


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Banker Middle East Magazine April 2009

Banker Middle East Magazine April 2009

Banker Middle East Magazine April 2009 | PDF | 70 Pages | 9.4 Mb

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How Much Money Does an Economy Need ?

How Much Money Does an Economy Need?: Solving the Central Economic Puzzle of Money,Prices, and Jobs

By Hunter Lewis

  • Publisher: Axios Press
  • Number Of Pages: 185
  • Publication Date: 2008-04-25
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0975366270
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780975366271

Product Description:

How Much Money Does an Economy Need? takes a subject that most people find difficult to decipher and makes it easy to understand. Not only easy, but fascinating, with startling insights in every chapter. This book is especially recommended for informed readers and public policy makers who want to get to the bottom of economics so that they can make better choices.
Summary: Another Point of View
Rating: 5

I agree with the five-star rating given by the Midwest Book Review, but disagree with the assessment that Lewis’ book implies high unemployment and busts are necessary to an economy’s overall success. Lewis offers several explanations and perspectives (including his own) regarding the nature of depressions and unemployment, including that they are caused by the Federal Reserve printing too much money.

Summary: More is better when it comes to money, right?
Rating: 5

More is better when it comes to money, right? “How Much Money Does an Economy Need? Solving the Central Economic Puzzle of Money, Prices, and Jobs” takes an interesting approach, saying that some of the negatives that the economy experiences such as high unemployment, layoffs, and bust cycles are a necessary evil for overall success. A strange sort of wisdom but wisdom nonetheless, “How Much Money Does an Economy Need? Solving the Central Economic Puzzle of Money, Prices, and Jobs” is recommended for its alternative point of view.


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The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crash of 2008 and what it means

The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crash of 2008 and

PublicAffairs | 2008-05-19 | ISBN: 1586486837 | 192 pages | PDF | 1,1 Mb

In the midst of the most serious financial upheaval since the Great Depression, legendary financier George Soros explores the origins of the crisis and its implications for the future. Soros, whose breadth of experience in financial markets is unrivaled, places the current crisis in the context of decades of study of how individuals and institutions handle the boom and bust cycles that now dominate global economic activity. “This is the worst financial crisis since the 1930s,” writes Soros in characterizing the scale of financial distress spreading across Wall Street and other financial centers around the world. In a concise essay that combines practical insight with philosophical depth, Soros makes an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the great credit crisis and its implications for our nation and the world.

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