Talking Stocks v3.03

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Talking Stocks retrieves real-time stock quotes from the Internet, then broadcasts them using a talking character that has a clear, human-like voice.

With Talking Stocks, you don’t have to refresh your web browser anymore to get the latest prices. Instead, you can listen to the current stock prices, without stopping your work.

Using Talking Stocks extensive rules system, you can specify what the character will say and do when a stock reaches a given price.

More than 10 international stock markets are supported, including markets in North America, Europe, Australia and more.

Talking Stocks delivers timely market information that is key to your financial success.

Key Features:
* Listen to timely broadcasts containing real-time stock prices.
* Glance at the latest stock prices displayed on the Stock Strip.
* Never miss a Buy or Sell opportunity again! Advanced Rule tracking notifies you by voice when an individual stock reaches your target price. Integrated Alert system allows you to keep track of your stocks after leaving your computer and coming back.
* Highly customizable, allowing you to specify which information you want to listen to, when and how.
* Animated characters deliver the latest stock updates adding fun and functionality.
* Integrated with Yahoo! Finance web site for additional functionality.
* Easy to use user interface will show you your favorite stocks along with important information like the latest price, volume and much more.
* All this in one of the simplest, most fun stock programs ever.

About Stock Strip
* Allows you to keep track of your stocks with one glance by conveniently locating itself above the Windows task bar.
* Takes up only one line of your screen. Does not distract the eye like most stock tickers.
* For each stock, only key information is displayed, keeping the Stock Strip uncluttered. You can see the Name, Price, and Changed amount for each stock.
* Stocks which have changed a lot are bolded, to call attention.
* Stocks which have Alerts are so indicated.

What’s New in Version 3.0?
* Real-time quotes were added for US.
* A new feature allows you to set the time frame when your stock market is open. During this time, Talking Stocks actively retrieves, broadcasts and displays stock quotes. When not active, Talking Stocks idles quietly, making it convenient for you to run Talking Stocks all the time and not worry about it when the market is closed.
* Hide the Stock Strip when Talking Stocks is not active.
* A new feature allows you to sort stocks using column headers.
* You can now move stocks up and down in the list.
* A Quiet button was added to the main toolbar, making it easy to stop the character from interrupting you with automatic broadcasts and alerts.
* Support for rules that are based on Change, Change% & Volume was added.
* A “Say name as” field was added to the Add Stock dialog, so you can correct mispronunciation of the stock name.
* New Help screens tell you how to take full advantage of the program.

Which countries are supported?
Talking Stocks supports markets in the following countries. Real-time quotes are available only in the US.

-New Zealand



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