Guide to Economic Indicators-6th edition

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It is essential in business and many professions today to have a thorough understanding of economic information. Written for the non-specialist, this highly accessible guide provides the keys to understanding all the major and many lesser economic indicators: what they are, the areas they cover, their reliability, and how and why to interpret them. It contains chapters covering:

* GDP (Gross Domestic Product),GNP (Gross National Product) and GNI (Gross National Income)
* Growth, trends and cycles
* Population, employment, unemployment
* Government
* Consumers
* Investment and savings
* Industry and commerce
* Balance of payments
* Exchange rates
* Money and financial markets

Now in its sixth edition this fully updated, revised guide is invaluable for anyone who needs or simply wants to have the underlying economic realities of the world we live in clearly explained.

The following free preview sections are available:

* Front Cover
* Contents
* Back Cover



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